Kelsey Brateng Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kelsey Brateng Photography [email protected] (Kelsey Brateng Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Kelsey Brateng Photography: Blog 120 80 Commercial Shoot Community Consignments Community Consignments in Thief River Falls, MN is a magical land of gently used trinkets, bobbles, clothing, furniture and everything in between. For all of you thrifters, bargain hunters and the like, their slogan "A New Treasure Every Day" is enticing. With customers bringing in items daily, you never know what treasures await. I got to chat with Brian Meekma, the owner, about his store, what improvements he's made and still planning, and the awesome things he's doing for our community.

If you have ever visited Community Consignments before, you will see that things are changing, and they look fantastic! Everyone who walked through the door exclaimed how they love the new look. The revamped checkout is now front and center and has both a rustic and modern look with barnwood and metal.  



I've been to my fair share of thrift stores, but Community Consignments is different. The whole vibe and look is eclectic, yet very organized and well thought out. Pretty dishes are displayed nicely in coordinating colors, cups and wine glasses are beautifully arranged and tidy, and the wall of Ikea shelves that displays all the pants has my inner perfectionist ooohing and ahhhhing! They even put name tags on all the nicely dressed mannequins! Brian and his awesome crew do a great job at keeping everything beautifully displayed.  


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We were talking about the weekly drawing Brian holds at the store, usually anywhere from a $25-$50 gift card. He has a lot of customers who donate items so he came up with the idea of a weekly drawing as a fun way to thank his customers. For every $5 dollars spent, you get a ticket for your chance to win. How awesome is that??


I also noticed a quilt that was displayed at the store. He explained that he donates articles of clothing that are not sellable to a group that repurposes the material and makes quilts out of them. Be still my upcycling heart! I love Community Consignments, the atmosphere, and most of all the awesome people. Brian is so fun to talk to, is passionate about his community and is doing what he can to make this world just a little brighter! 




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Commercial Photo Shoot at Wy's Floral in Grand Forks, ND IMG_9764IMG_9764

I was beyond excited to go visit Wy's Floral in Grand Forks, ND. For one, I have heard of this floral shop but never have been there. And two, well, it's a floral shop! I love flowers, arranging them, smelling them and getting to be creative! I love walking into a new place for the first time and getting a sense of the atmosphere. My first reaction walking through the door? All the natural light, a photographers dream! It was so open and airy, and my shopaholic inner self didn't know where to start first. It was full of all things wonderful with signs of spring everywhere! I got to meet Shelly, the owner, along with Liz, Deb, Cheryl, and Amber. They were very gracious in allowing me into their world for a couple of hours.



I have imagined working in a flower shop, amongst beautiful, sweet and pungent flowers, unending rows of greenery, tiny accent flowers and spiral eucalyptus (thanks to Amber for showing me). I noticed vases of flowers for happy occasions like new babies, anniversaries, and birthdays. I am also reminded, as with any living thing, the cycle of life is fragile and won't last forever. A family stopped in to make flower arrangements for their daughter and sister's funeral. I couldn't help but over hear the interaction with the florist and the family. The florist was taking careful consideration to their needs in this difficult time. She was compassionate and attentive, and let the family reminisce and talk about their loved one. It was really very touching. It made me realize that a florist not only arranges and displays beautiful flowers, they put meaning behind each creation, giving empathy and kindness to people in tough situations. 

Thank you to Wy's floral for letting me get a glimpse into your world. I will visit soon!    

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